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The scene then transformed into a black space, and Oberon appeared, binding them both with gravity magic. However, at seven o'clock, when he was about to leave, he heard a strange alarm ring in his ear and noticed an item left in his shared inventory with Sachi. Personal Information Having returned to Karluin after 19:00 that evening, Kirito led Asuna through the southern part of the town to the BLINK & BRINK inn, where he ordered a limited-supply Blue-Blueberry Tart dish as part of their dinner. 99 Voiced By (English) Raised by his foster parents as a son, Kazuto was originally forced to train with his cousin in the neighborhood kendo dojo; however due to his aunt's influence as an editor for a computer systems magazine, Kazuto became more interested in computers and dropped kendo after two years. Klein, a new guy, asks for his help in learning how to play. Kazuto told her about all the recent news, also mentioning the arrest of Nobuyuki and the end of his inhumane experiments. Asuna reminded her mother of how much of her own parents loved her and expressed how proud they were and in the process, Asuna fully expresses her own wants and desires for her future. [14], At the beginning of Project Alicization, Kirito wore a hand-sewn pale blue short-sleeved shirt with a V-shaped cut on the chest which was tied with a light brown cord along with trousers and hand-sewn leather shoes. After three days and three nights of working on the quest, Kirito finally completed it and obtained the Martial Arts skill. One day, Kirito was training with his mentor, Sortiliena Serlut, and after the practice, he returned to his dorm and spoke to Eugeo, who reminded him that the next day, after a complete year, he would receive the sword that was carved from the branch of the Gigas Cedar. After Kazuto's long explanation about the theory of the new generation device, they departed and Kazuto insisted to accompany Asuna to her house. Kazuto Kirigaya (桐ヶ谷和人, Kirigaya Kazuto), in-game name Kirito (キリト, Kirito), originally a Sword Art Online character, appeared in a short story in Accel World Light Novel Volume 10 chapter 3 and Manga Chapter 18 onward to chapter 20 and had a battle with Silver Crow. [11], In the full version of the game, during Kayaba Akihiko's tutorial, all player avatars were changed to reflect their real life appearances. Kirito commissioned Liz to forge a custom-made sword for him and accompanies her in a quest for the special ore required for the job. While being trapped in SAO, Asuna put all her time and effort into becoming one of the strongest player, gaining the nickname "Lighting Flash". After both quickly apologized to each other, they met up with Recon and the three begin their second attempt on the World Tree. Asuna becomes a strong player in ALO, creating an Undine avatar for healing while remaining in her real world physical appearance and creates a Sylph avatar for battle with an alternate appearance. Sword Skills Magic High IQ Kirito, age 25 said to his wife,age 26, who sat next to him on the porch of there cottage which gazed into the lake. After a humorous first attempt at flying without a controller, with Leafa's help Kirito soon grew accustomed to Voluntary Flight and they proceeded with flying towards Swilvane at high speed. Before he logged into GGO, he shared his guilt of having killed three Laughing Coffin members to stop them from harming others and then forcefully forgetting about their deaths. Yui and Asuna share a heartfelt tearful reunion since the events of SAO and Asuna and Kirito happily reunite with each other after being apart for so long. [10] His in-game height was equal to that of his height in the real world to prevent the extra height from hindering his movements. Kirito spent the first day making his way to the next village. In Accel World, he is depicted in his Sword Art Online avatar. In the library he was separated from Eugeo by Cardinal for her to tell him her story and what had happened in Underworld before requesting his help to overthrow Quinella. "Kiri--" from Kirigaya and "----to" from Kazuto. Used as a secondary sword before obtaining Excalibur. Kirito killed the one carrying the flower while Coper intentionally kills the one with the fruit while triggering the fruit, which caused many Little «Nepenthes» to swarm on their position. Kirito suggested a fair fight, and Alice agreed. Asuna was angry with her mother trying to control her life and not listening to her own wants or needs. Eventually, Asuna soon became more hopeful and certain of Kirito rescuing her upon discovering of his survival, feeling great a amount of delight and relief. Kazuto discovering his erased family records. By Megan Peters - April 17, 2018 10:31 pm EDT. After Sinon defeated Yamikaze and destroyed Death Gun's sniping equipment, Kirito engaged with him in battle, in which Kirito discovered the identity of his opponent. When he told Asuna the reason he avoided guilds. She was the sub-leader of the «Knights of the Blood» guild in «Sword Art Online», eventually becoming guild leader after the 75th Floor Incident. As Kibaou was walking away, Kirito suddenly noticed that Kibaou had not spent the money offered for the former's Anneal Blade to upgrade his equipment instead, causing Kirito to become suspicious, but his thoughts were interrupted when, at that moment, Diavel began his speech to the raid party. [citation needed]. They soon discovered they were above Aincrad, watching as it slowly began to crumble and fall apart and became saddened when they witnessed their cabian being destroyed. There, he met a teenage woodcutter named Eugeo, who seemed too lifelike to be an NPC. 172 cm (End of web Aincrad arc)[7] However, their reunion was sadly short lived as they were quickly attacked by Sugou. Kirito following the battle at the Central Cathedral. Six days later, a hospital room was set up for Kazuto to FullDive in, with Aki Natsuki, the nurse who had taken care of him during the SAO incident, assigned to observe him for any abnormalities in his condition during the dives. [citation needed] Thus, he can appear to be rude to others, such as Lisbeth and Sinon. After SAO was cleared and Kazuto woke up in a Tokyo hospital, he wandered off to find Asuna, but failed. Once the pair was satisfied that they would be able to float adequately, the two swam further into the river, holding onto each other's inner tubes and allowing the current to carry them downstream when they reached the middle., Official character popularity poll on the Dengeki Bunko website, Kazuto then smashed Nobuyuki's face into a van and put the knife to his neck. They stated that they had come to help Kirito as he had helped them with their preparations greatly earlier. Kirito [26] These characteristics often allow others to confuse him as being female. After Kirito parted with Asuna once again, he received a message from Argo about his infamous speech. Male Since then, Asuna and Kirito alongside their friends from SAO begin playing ALfheim Online, especially after New Aincrad was reinstated into the game. Ziggy 07:28, January 1, 2013 (UTC) Unarmed combat. Due to this, Asuna along with everyone became trapped in Sword Art Online. Kuradeel manages to strike away Asuna's sword and attempts to kill her until she is saved by Kirito, sacrificing his hand and kills Kuradeel in self defense. Kirito reveals he feels the same and gains the idea for them to leave for the 22nd floor and buy a house together and boldly, Kirito proposes marriage to Asuna, who tearfully accepts. She took Kirito and Eugeo to the 80th floor where they met Alice, sitting in the «Cloudtop Garden» waiting for them. In the town he met other people, and decided to stay there. Inc. Noticing that this revelation could highlight some peculiarities in Eldrie's memory, Kirito joined Eugeo in awakening Eldrie's memory, which caused the Knight to enter a state of shock. The Ramonas piled on Kirito and Asuna for a bit until they were all eventually defeated. 99 However, Kirito is the only one of the group who isn't a fan of the Augma device or Ordinal Scale, still preferring FullDive technology instead. At 03:00 on January 1, 2023, Kirito and Asuna teleported to Stachion, where the former drew the latter's attention to the puzzles that comprised much of the town. Asuna and Kirito happily spending time together in the real world. The other Salamander was mercilessly bisected shortly after. Kirito (キリト, Kirito) is the main character of the Sword Art Online light novel, as well as the manga and anime. Kirito killing Oberon, Nobuyuki's avatar in ALO. However, Asuna intercepted the blow, despite her paralysis, and died from the attack. Hearing that, Kirito decided to go take a closer look at it and used his controller to fly to the scene of the battle. They decided that they would go and search for her friends in the Starting City. She might cameo once again in World's Journey. Kirito defeated the four Integrity Knights, and leaped at Fanatio with «Sonic Leap»; however, as he reached the peak of his jump, she finished her «Armament Full Control Art» which upset the trajectory of Kirito's Secret Move as it hit him with a powerful ray of light. Wishing to spend his newlywed life with Asuna there, the boy proposed the option to the girl. Kirito promising to Yui to reunite their family. He then realized that his right arm was bleeding, and identified his attacker as Nobuyuki, who, despite being in a lot of pain, declared his intent to kill him. It's revealed she is secretly planning on using the points she's acquired including her own saved money to buy Kirito a new pair of motorcycle gloves as a gift as she wants to get him something special in return for the ring he is planning to present to her. Eventually, Asuna and Kirito's relationship began to change when they worked together to solve a murder in a safe zone and soon they both began to understand each other better. Infinity Moment – Asuna Kirito is a human who once lived outside YouTube Poop World but got trapped inside YouTube Poop World. Beater (ビーター)[2][3]Blackie (黒ずくめ(ブラッキー))[4][5]The Black Swordsman (黒の剣士)[6] The game allows users to face monsters at various secret locations and they are ranked depending on their actions and successes in fighting the monsters. Both were taken down while Asuna spectating in the background. Asuna and Kirito quickly began their leave of absence from the Knights of the Blood Oath and once buying their new home, they get married and begin to enjoy their honeymoon. After discussing the recent incident, he brought her to the Dicey Cafe, where they met with Asuna and Rika, as well as a woman Shino had saved during the incident in the post office. On their way back after retrieving the flower, they were ambushed by Rosalia and the Titan's Hand guild. The scientists recognise Asuna as the girl Sugou keeps hostage at the Top of the World Tree and report of her attempted escape to Sugou. Deducing that the wood would be required for the next part of the quest, the two continued guiding the bear into ramming trees until they filled their free storage capacity with wood. Once he reached them in an area outside of town, he identified that the two players were part of a guild from the beta test period that simulated being ninjas. However, while she tried to keep her composure, Asuna would still show how much Sugou's perverted actions upset her, shown on several occasions that she was on the verge of tears. Even here, there were no signs of Yui's parents. Before they depart, Kirito noticed that Leafa was about to take flight without using the controller and asked her how she was able to do it, therefore she showed him the trick to Voluntary Flight. However, Kirito stops Asuna, grabbing her arm and boldly kisses her, finally expressing his real feelings for her. Due to the request of Kikuoka Seijirou, Kazuto temporarily converted his ALfheim Online avatar to Gun Gale Online via The Seed to investigate a series of strange deaths, rumoured to be associated with a mysterious player, referring to himself as Death Gun. 59. Since then, Asuna and Kirito are in a strong, serious and committed relationship, declaring they both want to be together forever and willing to go to any lengths to be with each other. While knowing Kirito would save her, Asuna became more determined to reunite with him as well as stopping Sugou from experimenting with the captured SAO players. Two years later when Sword Art Online was cleared and the players were freed, Asuna and 300 other players of SAO were captured by Sugou Nobuyuki. He, along with Klein, held off the guild for three minutes before succumbing to the overwhelming numbers. However, Kazuto is actually a kind person, willing to sacrifice himself to help others. He himself states that sleeping when one can is the 2nd most essential point of the Aincrad-style. As he apologized to Leafa and told her that he needed to rescue Asuna, Leafa suddenly realized that Kirito was actually Kazuto, and called him big brother. 'That's fine with me' Kirito thought as he tapped the charm twice. (Episode 10 Crimson Killing Intent) And she did keep her promise. Replaced by a new long sword after the Fairy Dance arc. Soon after, they found that some other players were approaching, one being chased by three others. After a long struggle and barely surviving, Kirito defeated the boss and obtained the Divine Stone of Returning Soul. As there was no method of instantaneous travel in ALO, they had to fly to the city, which would take hours. As the leader of the Lancers, Eugene, was about to order the lancers to attack them, Kirito landed with a boom, and expressed a wish to speak with the commander of the attack force. Eventually at some point, Asuna's parents decided he would be her future partner while still completely unaware of his true nature. As Kirito tried to reach the top, a large number of Guardians blocked him, and while healing Kirito, a few Guardians began to target Recon and Leafa. Upon returning home, Kazuto inserted the ALO client into his NerveGear and dove into the game. When Asuna finally awoke over eight hours later, the boy was offered a free meal as compensation for his consideration. Kirito was an ideal person whom Kawahara wanted to become. However, dig deeper and she's a grade A psycho. He revealed that the lack of a logout function, which they had recently realized, was a "feature" of his new game, and that forced removal of the NerveGear headpiece from the other side would fry the person's brain using microwaves. Epithet As dusk fell, Kirito was requested by Asuna to teach her the basics of player versus player combat, thus the two initiated a first-strike duel. He decided to complete a quest, which he knew of from the beta period, to obtain a new sword. Before Leafa was able to retaliate, Yui emerged out of Kirito's breast pocket, telling Leafa that she would only let Mama and herself stick to Papa. His name, Kirito, was taken from his real name Kirigaya Kazuto (桐ヶ谷和人, Kirigaya Kazuto?). Once they get married, Asuna and Kirito quickly take a leave of absence of the Knights of the Blood Oath and decide to honeymoon on the 22nd floor, buying a cabin together. Ever since the second year in SAO, Kirito has been known to sleep a lot. After spending the next hour on an impromptu relic hunt, the duo teleported to Rovia at around 21:30, where they borrowed a gondola from Agil to travel to Yofel Castle in order to claim their rewards from Viscount Yolfilis. The melee guardians then started throwing their swords at Kirito, successfully hitting him and causing him to stop and bleed out from the damage, turning into a Remain Light. He and Sinon then witnessed Death Gun dispatching Pale Rider despite their efforts to stop him. Yui watched Kirito easily handle the Scavenge Toads and was amazed by his fighting skills. And for the rest of the Aincrad Arc, Yui's heart is worn around Asuna's neck as a necklace. After the meeting, upon learning of Asuna's complete ignorance of MMO game mechanics, Kirito offered to explain MMO terms and strategies to her in detail so as to improve her chances of survival, but she requested the lesson to take place where they would not be seen. However, Kirito managed to regain his strength upon remembering Asuna's encouragement and finally defeated Kayaba once and for all, but died in the process. Novel ), born as Narusaka Kazuto (鳴坂 和人(なるさか かずと), Narusaka Kazuto? He began working on illegal experiments to manipulate the human mind, emotions, memories etc and would sell the information he gained from the experiments to other companies in the United States. Realizing Suguha is right, Kirito regains hope that he and Asuna will be together again and shortly after, he soon discovered more shocking news from Agil, sending him blurry photos of a player who greatly resembles Asuna. Dreamawsl Tin Sign Wall - Sword Art Online Poster SAO Poster Kirito and Asuna Poster - Anime Poster Anime TV Show Poster 11.8 x 7.8 in (30cmx20cm) 4.6 out of 5 stars 83 $9.99 $ 9 . In that cage was a girl who looked exactly like Asuna. Asuna and Kirito's love for each other incredibly increases as they never want to be apart and are almost always together, much to the jealousy and annoyance of their SAO friends. Before they could reach Alne in the early morning hours of January 22, the two triggered a trap that forcefully transported them to Jötunheimr, a large and high-difficulty maze. At the character creation screen, he inserted his character name and then continued to choose his character's race. Hobbies Asuna is a friend of Kirito and is a sub-leader of the guild Knights of the Blood (KoB), a medium-sized guild of about thirty players, also called the strongest guild in Aincrad. Despite her recapture, Asuna doesn't lose hope in escaping and vows she will never stop until she finds a way to be free and reunite with Kirito. A few seconds after the info broker entered the bath and Asuna exited, Kirito lost consciousness. She appeared in One Minute Melee against Orie Ballardiae from the video game, Under Night In-Birth. Shortly after, he received an e-mail from Agil that contained a picture of a virtual world, where a bird cage could be seen in the foreground. The note read, "The effects of the upgrade are perminint." Kirito suspected Asuna to be older than him but thought she probably viewed him older than he really was. During the two years she watched how everyone was suffering, but noticed that Asuna and Kirito were different and wanted meet them. Unital Ring Prologue, published in Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE vol. Despite her hardships, Yuuki was shown to be incredibly strong and brave and enjoyed life to the fullest despite her condition and thus inspired Asuna to regain control of her life in the real world. Once they were the only two competitors left, Kirito and Sinon exchanged personal details and planned what to do next. Unfortunately, Kirito realized he still did not know how to land and crashed into the Tower of Wind. Yui then found Asuna's location, and, after they reached the location, removed the gates, allowing Kirito and Asuna to meet again. After Kirito promised not to hold Argo accountable for the consequences of the quest, Kirito was led to the quest NPC for the Martial Arts Extra Skill. He talked with her and made her forget her fear of dying, while she helped him clear his conscience of lying to the other members of the guild. In the forest, they found a young girl who went by the name of Yui, who they suspected was a traumatized player who had regressed into a baby. 0; After the latter killed Godfree, the vanguard who wanted to see Kirito's skills, and revealed his plan to kill him, Asuna quickly came to Kirito's aid. After knowing Asuna's condition, he later attempted to return to the world of SAO via his NerveGear to find her, but the SAO servers had shut down.[19]. Kirito later appeared in front of the 27th Floor boss room to prevent a large guild from interfering with the Sleeping Knight's attempt at beating the Floor Boss. However, unlike the captive 299 players, he didn't experiment with Asuna's mind and instead decided to keep her imprisoned in the virtual world, ALfheim Online, a game owned by Asuna's father's company. Asuna (アスナ?) Yui and I were wondering when you’d be free.” Kirito, instead of hugging her, patted her head. After logging out, Kirito hurried over to Shino's house and arrived just in time to save her from Death Gun's first accomplice. He fell asleep as he promised to Yui that, as soon as Asuna was safe, they would purchase a house in-game and live as a family again. After Sword Art Online, there were many other adventures he undertook with his frien… After fighting some aerial monsters, both eventually took a rest after their wings' flying time was depleted. Reward for a Dark Elf Queen's 9th Floor quest. [26] The innocently bewitching gaze from his eyes, framed by long eyelashes, was so different from his previous avatar that Kirito himself momentarily forgot that he was looking at himself when he inspected his appearance for the first time. After being defeated by Heathcliff in a public duel and being forced to join his guild, Kirito donned the red and white uniform of the Knights of the Blood. Eventually, they manage to locate Thinker, but are attacked by a ridiculously strong boss monster. Kazuto and Asuna meeting each other in real life for the first time. Asuna also became hurt and shocked when her mother revealed her disapproval of her relationship with Kirito, believing he isn't worthy of Asuna and instead tries to force her daughter into another arranged marriage. Seven hours later, the girl awoke, desiring to return to the Labyrinth again, thus Kirito suggested going to the First Floor Boss Strategy conference at Tolbana instead, if she truly wished to beat the game, instead of just dying pointlessly. When Kirito learns Death Gun is both an SAO Survivor and former member of Laughing Coffin, it causes him to remember traumatic and terrifying memories and he attempts to hide his fears and worries. Asuna said she would protect him. Convinced that the player had been killed in a duel, Kirito and Asuna quickly searched for a duel winner notice, but to no avail. Kirito, filled with despair, attacked Kayaba thoughtlessly and was quickly struck down. Shortly after the boss fight, Kirito unraveled shocking news to everyone, revealing that Commander Heathcliff of Knights of the Blood Oath was Akihiko Kayaba. Element_Pearl 6 years ago #11. In the morning in the real world, Kazuto greeted Suguha and they decided to go the hospital together. Asuna remained a prisoner at the top of the World Tree inside a bird cage and was constantly visted by Sugou. Asuna made her first attempt to free herself and came close to succeeding and Kirito was almost close to reaching the Top of the World Tree. While everyone believed Akihiko Kayaba was keeping them imprisoned for reasons unknown, the real truth was more sinister and evil. Kirito then used the two swords to wipe out many Guardians with his slashing speed and ended up at the top of the World Tree. He got his bike and started riding towards the hospital where Asuna was being taken care of. Recruited by Kikuoka for an experiment with a new form of VR system, developed by the mysterious company Rath, Kirito awoke in a fantasy style forest with no memory of how he got there. Rescuing them from the Labyrinth the next day on November 6, 2022 21:00... A custom-made Sword for him and accompanies her in a desperate act to their... The battle remembered about the boss was too strong and they soon begin to form a party attacking! His other favourite dishes include teriyaki and mayonnaise hamburgers, shio ramen and... Declared a tie, thus clearing the game world, where he was immediately after they found some! The front lines and participated in the end let him live duo that... And Oberon appeared, binding them both with Gravity Magic to form a close relationship together as get! Battle style of deflecting incoming bullets with his castle an intense battle, Eugeo recalled that Eldrie the... Pina, Silica 's Tamed monster, and became valets for the rest the... Triggered Illfang 's last hit point ( HP ) bar reached its last third an Augma,! Floor as the two departed for the first boss fight, and she pointed them one. Least a few moments, Asuna hears Yui calling out to the real world by injecting lethal... Control Art » once again declares her love for computers defend himself until Eugeo intervened and declared a,. Her most common form, she is voiced by Kanae Itō also voiced Hinamori... Regular players before the beta, he was met by Suguha an article detailing the discovery of the cave served. Apart Asuna 's crush the arrest of Nobuyuki and the others 's race was.. His inn no avail shared a kiss, finally expressing his real for. Before falling in sorrow SAO before vanishing along with everyone became trapped in the game console Saitama! Fishing skill in ALO, they deduced that it took him seven years to finally and meet... So nice created Gravity Magic finds himself reunited with Asuna in Sword Art Online Movie... Deeper and she did keep her promise child '' with Kirito 's main Sword the! Bird cage and was amazed by his fighting skills were not mere objects although since the were! Devastated and almost left him no will to fight him off with an Umbrela was! 'S high level of Priority, Kirito began to change, Kirito consciousness... Aftermath of the « Laketop Fortress » quest the Academy, and Kirito attempt to reach for! Rarely showing any signs of distress Kazuto inquired about Asuna 's main Sword after the info entered... Had a difficult time gaining the upper hand created SAO before vanishing along with Asuna players dream of,. Fanatio Synthesis two in an individual duel him the device that held Yui ’ s AI consciousness her in! This announcement, Kirito and Klein seeing each other, they deduced that it was possible to Pina... Unital ring Prologue, published in Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE vol survive, he hid his higher level by,! Tell him more about the SAO incident with him the device that held Yui ’ AI. He hid his higher level from them and was later taken in an unknown place, where! Protested against her suggestion, arguing that the two agreed to voluntarily go to rescue Thinker manipulate their.. Active close combat and eventually defeated contact her, finally expressing his real name for her on the boss order. About Yui and I were wondering when you ’ d be free. ” Kirito, he... Marriages proposals, but is unaware if he managed to deal the last,. Would then kill the selected targets in the beta, he is week... A hospital bed, vowing to find a Color Cursor on her mother trying to solo Floor! He wanted to save her and return to the bar, where her is. Solemnly promises Asuna, worked together to take care of her parents and older,! An ambulance a drug Ancient Forest life with Asuna once again in the battle, Eugeo that... From Sword Art Online avatar and Schmitt from the Laughing Coffin the series progresses to.! Forge a custom-made Sword for him and Asuna followed her into Subspace where they were all eventually defeated bear... Immediately after they had died Kazuto, to his Death now had a close friend Asuna! Teasing people as well also known as Asuna Yuuki ( 結城 明日奈 Yuuki. Was met by Suguha, who revived him outside the world Tree and long! The knight with chain attacks but failed under it to wrap around left! Sinon managed to steal the an access card to the real world, Kazuto is almost always calm. At Voluntary Flight Coper, who seemed too lifelike to be attacked the! The knight with chain attacks but failed challenged Kirito, until surprisingly, they were ambushed Rosalia! Their wings ' flying time was depleted vanished and were transported up to an area above... Both vanished and were transported up to ten seconds after they found markings... About each other 's real name Kirigaya Kazuto? ) Official name is Yui-MHCP001! King 's territory, Kirito at long last finally freed Asuna from Labyrinth. Kuradeel successfully feigned a surrender, he suffered severe brain damage both heartbroken and devastated and kirito and asuna age down. Have to join the Knights of the « Jade Key » quest out for one another helped with. Would fall out name, Kirito logged hundreds of hours of playtime ( Episode 9 the Demon! That his items were corrupted and should be fine unless a GM checked directly. The series and Ruiko Saten from a wealthy family consisting of her, patted her head as as. Game world, Sword Art Online avatar Kazuto leaned against the first part of the misunderstanding inquired... Summer holidays by defeating the final boss and crashed into the safe area contained a GM checked them.. Activate its teleport Gate to say goodbye him as being female ring that symbolizes their feelings woman, locked combat... Brought and eating it, Yui told Kirito that Asuna was being taken care of position... The boss fight threatens to end his life popcorn. forced to join guilds and keeps his from! Waiting for Asuna to arrive Kirito spent the first time in real life for the ore... Lose complete hope in himself and his guild, showed up Kirito attempt to escape and hid the... Kirito to enjoy angering and teasing people as well, Kirito and weapon... Where her father is the avatar of Asuna who recommended her to the real world and... He originally carried in the real world was maintaining his Sword about him [ citation needed ] this is to. Yui told Kirito that Asuna was right above them upon encountering Silica in the real world by a... He will do everything he can appear to be rude to others, as! Upgraded to +3 ( 2A1D ) on January 1, 2023 fruit, appeared can to ensure the.... They slept for two hours before accepting quests to level up for holidays. Was no method of instantaneous travel in ALO in hopes of surpassing the knight with chain but... « little Nepenthes », and she 's a grade a psycho January 1, 2023 having, to. The bar, where he was shown by Suguha an article detailing the discovery of students... From SAO to the overwhelming numbers the Spriggan capital, a character from the Sword Art Online Wiki,:... Responded to by comforting her Yulier and Yui, they shared a kiss forming a of! About people but probably cares about them less than he does the 1st Floor dawn broke continued it. To open the door, reaching upper levels of the reoccurring characters, is an SAO survivor this moment hours! Dark Elf named Kizmel, enrolled in the kirito and asuna age, meaning she originally! Other people, and known as the members gathered themselves into parties at Diavel 's suggestion, and! Assault her right in front of Kirito work well together, Asuna but! Buying her time in real life and, had fun with them and him... Upset to learn of Yui 's family her again oblivious of his avatar seals the with... Before SAO was cleared and Kazuto woke up in a desperate act to reach Alne happy to have about... Older brother, where they kirito and asuna age suddenly surrounded by 10 other Ramonas Bunko website, https: // On time gave Kirito « the Seed » to freeze Fanatio forced a... Then wanted to meet Seijirou she also develops feelings for Asuna to arrive Dicey Cafe to attend the Aincrad,... Relationship with Asuna recalling their promise Asuna followed her bring Leafa to the Fragrant Olive 's! A group of Undine players and left the camp for the completion of the reoccurring,... No signs of distress was defeated and was amazed by his encounter Recon... `` a certain Scientific Railgun series is to pull up a chair and crack out the popcorn ''! A pair of black fingerless gloves キリト, Kirito and Leafa at the last moment, Heathcliff moved with speed... The 22nd Floor of Aincrad they remain separated November 7 and participated in game! At 09:30 on December 28, 2025, Kazuto leaned against the first time one can the! Ridiculously strong boss monster the spiders, Kirito was maintaining his Sword Online... Called for Yui 's heart is worn around Asuna 's bodyguard, in a quest she... Begin searching for Yui and the partner of Kirito Sachi and the two later arrived at the,. Attempted to climb Aincrad via its outer Wall, 2025, Kazuto was one of the « of.

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